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Searching for executive jobs can be quite an uphill task. While trying to search for an executive job, you might wonder where you will begin. Sometimes you might find yourself enthusiastic about a job post while other times you will find yourself tired for the hassle. You must have realized by now that top companies hardly hire executive employees from job applications. In fact, in most cases, vacant executive positions are hardly published online. However, knowing what to expect and what to go for while looking for an executive job makes the process easier. Searching for an executive job, however, requires one to follow a few strategies.

First, create a competitive resume to use for your job application. If you can, it is wise to invest in your resume to take it to the next level. It is also vital that you know how to identify a red flag in a job offer and know what job not to choose. If you are applying online, you will find the job requirements written by the recruiters and not the person handling the role. It is important to dig in the job offers and understand more about a job and find out what working in the firm will look like. A job offer is a red flag if it does not share the job requirements until you submit your application.

Basic Rules for Writing Executive Resume

Having a high-quality executive resume is very crucial for you. Top company executives, the board of members and recruiters are likely to read your resume before evaluating if you are fit for a job position or not. Here are five rules you can follow to move your resume to the next level.

Rule number 1: Include an executive summary

The executive summary is situated on the right-hand side of your resume. It includes who you are and what makes you an exception. The executive summary contains two to four lines. Avoid using the objective statement. In your summary, indicate why a company should hire you.

Rule number 2: Make them want to meet you

Your resume should be appealing and enticing making the job recruiters want to meet you. Make your resume groundwork for the company before they get to meet you. It should not only include your skills and qualifications but also lay down your competencies and your uniqueness. The company should understand from the resume what makes you different and why they should consider hiring you instead of other candidates.

Rule number 3: Define your experience clearly

Most hiring companies will require that you state your previous experience about the job post you are applying for. Make a distinction between your achievements and your responsibilities. Each of the two, however, needs to be on its own list. Also, avoid repetition and redundancy to make your resume more appealing to read.

Rule number 4: Use an appropriate format

Look at your resume and identify the format it follows. Avoid using too many bullets making the resume look like a summary. Organize your information in a clear format that is easy to follow. There is no exact formatting style for a resume. You can, however, look at several formats online and choose one that is appropriate for you.

Rule number 5: Give relevant details

While it is important to state your past experiences, avoid giving irrelevant details. An executive resume requires that you write your recent accomplishments and experience. No one is interested in what you did fifteen years ago.

Difference between Executive and Standard resume

A majority of people often ask the difference between an executive resume and a regular resume. The main difference between the two is that an executive resume is primarily designed for executive management, whereas a standard one is designed for other responsibilities. An executive resume is also longer than a regular resume. It is at least two pages long as it has more detailed information on your education, accomplishments, and experience.

Hire Executive Resume Writer

Job seekers need to realize that employers and recruiters will review a resume very quickly. They can be able to take a look at the resume and immediately tell the kind of person they are dealing with and what he/she is likely to offer. Executive resume writing services will help you if;

  • You are stuck in your past; when you are stuck at your past, you will look at your resume and see that it looks okay and meets the requirements. The question, however, is, does your resume fit to the current market trends? An executive resume writer will look at your resume and update it to fit into the current market trends and ensure your resume is at its best.
  • You are not good at writing; if you are struggling on how to put words in the right order to make your resume appealing. Hiring a professional resume writer will help you put the right words for you in a professional manner.
  • Employers have constantly ignored your resume; you might feel like every time you hand in your resume; it is ignored by the employer. Often, you will wonder what you did wrong. Executive resume writers will help improve your resume by creating a well written and well-tailored resume that will capture the eyes of the employer.

You are afraid of bragging too much in your resume- although it is important to give out your experiences, it is also important to learn the art of writing. A professional writer will help you express yourself in your resume so that you do not undersell yourself.