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Obtaining a federal job can be a great challenge to job seekers. The search process for federal jobs and application takes 6-18 months; a duration that is considered a lengthy and complicated process for most individuals. Creating a resume for a government job is more complicated compared to creating a standard resume. If you are hoping to get hired by the federal government, your resume needs to be different and stand out uniquely. That is why you will require hiring a professional writer who will help out with your resume when the going gets too tough. If you are applying for a government job, you need federal resume writing help. This type of resume is different from the standard and is hard to make.

Differences Between Federal and Standard Resumes


A federal resume follows a specific format depending on the type of job application available. Federal resumes follow strict guidelines in terms of formatting. On the other hand, a standard resume does not have a specified format. Standard resumes generally allow an individual to have a little bit of creativity when it comes to formatting.


Federal resumes are about three to fifteen pages long. Standard resumes, on the other hand, are shorter about one to two pages. You can use bullet points in your standard resume to make short and brief. Federal resumes require detailed information on your education, previous job positions, and responsibilities among others. You will have to explain in details the duties you performed in your job history. Make sure the duties and requirements stated in your resume meet the requirement the employer is looking for. Otherwise, your resume is likely to be left out.

Type of information

While you do not need to list out all your contact information such as a full address in your standard resume, a federal resume will require that you include your full contact information. A standard resume does not also need specification on your availability or desired locations. A resume for a federal job, on the other hand, will require that you specify the type of job you are looking for, your availability; either temporary or permanent and the work schedule you would like to follow; full time or part-time. In a standard resume, you will only state a few details about your education such as your degree, major and the institution you studied. A federal resume, however, demands detailed information on your education including the credit earned; include copies of your transcripts as evidence and certifications.


Some federal jobs ask for extra documents such as military service documentation, previous employers’ recommendations, your school transcripts, and other personal requirements. You might also be required to fill some additional forms that have more questions about yourself, your experience, and the position you are looking to apply for. Some of these requirements are not relevant when writing a standard resume.

Application procedure

While writing a federal resume, it is vital not to overlook any details. Although all job positions offer instructions during announcements, federal jobs are very cautious and follow their instructions word for word. If you overlook any of their instructions and miss it out in your resume, then you are likely to end up missing the job position. Also, all the job criteria must be met for you to get hired. Most importantly, avoid missing the application deadline. It is, therefore, important that you pay enough attention to the job requirements while drafting your federal resume.

What to Include in a Federal Resume

Candidate information; provide basic information about yourself such as; name and contact information. List your name in full and include your citizenship. Although there are exceptions, most federal jobs require that the applicants are US citizens. It is also critical to mention if you have ever held a federal position earlier or if you are a veteran.

Military career and job history; it is vital to include all your military details while you are writing a federal resume. In the resume, include your previous experience that might be helpful to the job you are applying. However, avoid too much history and list job positions held in the last ten years. For each work experience, ensure that you include when you started working and the end date; include the month and the year. The level and department you worked for and the hours you worked for every week.

Education; ensure that you meet all the required educational experience before you apply for a job post. Include all the basic information on the institutions you attended and the coursework you studied at the institutions. In every school mentioned, include the degree obtained. You can also include the presentations you were involved in at the schools, your major projects and the honors you received. Make sure that the institutions you list are accredited. In a federal resume, you are required to attach your certificates and school transcripts as tangible proof.

Certification and relevant skills; include your certificates and abilities. List any skills that you have that relates to the job post. You can also include the language skills you have learned and extra training that is job-related.

Additional information; include beneficial details such as seminars you have ever attended. You can list other institutions that you have affiliations with; include the experience and roles played in the institutions. If you have worked as a volunteer, you can also add it to your additional information. State the type of volunteer program you were involved in and how it relates to the position you are seeking to apply.

Why to Employ a Resume – Writing Service?

The aim of hiring resume writing services is to ensure that your federal resumes stand out among other resumes. Federal resume writing is a tough job for individuals hoping to work for the US government. Considering that there are differences between a federal resume and a standard resume, it is wise to consider hiring a professional executive resume writer to make your work easier. There are quite a number of benefits of hiring professional resume writers to do the job for you.

Deliver quality federal resumes; the professional writers have received high-level training on how to deliver high-quality resumes. They have certifications that they can and will deliver the best. Hiring federal resume writing services to work on your resume will, therefore, guarantee you a high-level federal resume.

Professional writers know what employers look for; the professional writers know what the employer is looking for. They also have vast experience with various types of resumes. They know the design to follow and how to take your experience and put it in professional terms. They are also aware of the trends in the job markets.

Employers prefer professional resumes; today, many employers are considering hiring individuals who have professional written resumes. If a professional writer writes your federal resume, there is a high probability that your resume will be considered. Most employers have stated that they prefer professionally written resumes as they are easy to read and follow; they are well organized and have an easy flow compared to resumes drafted by the candidates.