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Optimize LinkedIn Profile for a Job Search

LinkedIn profile writing involves creating your online LinkedIn profile as your online resume. Since the profile acts as a cornerstone for your audience, it is important that you optimize it for a job search. You can begin by changing your profile picture. Upload a high-quality professional photo that makes a great profile picture. Also, customize your URL to make it easy for employers to locate your profile. It is also vital to customize your personal information. Fill out all your personal and contact information. By optimizing your personal information, LinkedIn offers you a more visibility option making your profile available for employers.

Skills to Add on Your LinkedIn

Your interpersonal skills; discuss if you are able to relate to other people and work in teams. Share details on your communication skills. Communication skills are important aspects that employers look for in their employees. Ensure that you can clearly show the audience that you have excellent communication skills through your writing.

Project management; here you can list if you have worked or managed other projects successfully, you can also include that you are a dedicated manager. Management skills in an employee are very important. Most employees are enthusiastic when they find that you are efficient in management skills such as; negotiation, leadership, planning, and coaching among others.

Problem-solving techniques explain if you can solve problems and resolve conflicts.

LinkedIn Profile Headline and Summary

A LinkedIn profile headline refers to the top section on your LinkedIn profile that describes what you do. The headline has 120 characters or less and appears next to your user name in the search results. Your headline should be appealing and entice the audience want to read more and learn about your experience. A summary, on the other hand, gives a review of your professional background and abilities. The summary helps you get attention from your hiring personnel. When writing your LinkedIn profile summary, try to make it attractive. Make sure that it can automatically grab the hiring managers’ attention. While the headline is a short section of about 120 characters or less. A summary statement, on the other hand, contains strong statements that summarize your skills and experience.

Determine Your Audience

While using your LinkedIn profile to search for a job opportunity, it is essential to identify and know your target audience. It is vital that you first research the kind of employers you want to associate within your profile. LinkedIn profile writing services will help you with your LinkedIn profile development. Additionally, research what you need to include staying ahead of your competition. If you are searching for jobs online, your target audience is the hiring managers. Find out what the managers are looking for and include it in your LinkedIn profile to grab their attention. If you are hoping to grow career wise and move a step ahead, your target audience then is the hiring recruiters. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile impresses your audience; the hiring managers, your recruiters or the HR professionals.

Main Points Hiring Managers Look For

When searching for jobs or if you are planning to change a job, it is crucial for you to learn what managers are looking for before hiring. Often managers are interested in your soft skills that include relating with other individuals. According to most managers, it is easy to teach technical skills to employees. However, personality skills cannot be transferred and are difficult to change in individuals. Some of the major skills that are hiring managers are looking for include;

Thinking skills; include critical thinking and decision making. Critical thinking refers to the ability where one can think and make sound decisions. Decision making, on the other hand, refers to the ability to find solutions to given issues. An employer will find out if the employee is in a position to use the six steps of problem-solving to deal with issues they face at the organization. Employers are also looking for an individual’s ability to gather information and evaluate it using relevant analytical skills. That means you should be able to show your writing styles. Through using proper grammar and writing skills, the hiring managers will see that you can clearly and concisely communicate information to people.

Collaboration; refers to the ability for an individual to work with others effectively. A manager will want to know if you are good at working with teams. Most organizations have adopted the use of teamwork to work on their company projects. As a candidate, you should show your ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. In teams, the team members are often from diverse backgrounds and have different perspectives on various topics.

Leadership and management skills; employers will want to know if you possess any leadership and management skills such as;

  • motivating,
  • planning,
  • project management and
  • coaching

Employers are looking for people who will take their firms to the next level. Even if they are not looking for managers, the ability of an employee to motivate other employees and lead them towards achieving a goal is a skill that most managers prefer. Your resume should include details of any previous leadership roles you have held before.

Creativity; innovation is the current trend in the business world today. Employers are looking for individuals who can turn their ideas into a business venture. Creativity not only involves innovation but also involves coming up with strategies and imaginative ways to solve issues arising in the firm.